“Art is the lie that reveals reality.” Jeroen Brouwers - “Culture, considered as a process, means acquiring a vast deal of useless knowledge, and then forgetting it.” Albert Jay Nock - “The world is full of objects, more or less interesting; I do not wish to add any more.” Douglas Huebler - “In life and in art one has to begin each day anew.” Louis Couperus

Title: We educate one another

Project executed by invitation of the Gerrit Rietveld Academie/Mondriaan Fund, Amsterdam

Introducing new intermediaries

Presentation Rietveld Research Residency
Sjaak Langenberg & Rosé de Beer

27 November 2013: 15.00 – 17.00
Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Room 105, 1st floor

To round off their Rietveld Research Residency Sjaak Langenberg & Rosé de Beer present the latest plans they have developed during their research. They will also introduce the key people they met during their year of research.

Featuring: Mieke Moor, Anita van de Looij, Sjoerd ter Borg and Tabo Goudswaard.

The ongoing economic crisis provides fertile soil for social transition and new forms of collaborative practice. In order for these collaborations to come about, a new type of intermediary is needed. The apparent conflict between different worlds seems to stand in the way of solving urgent social problems. In order to understand one another's words, another language needs to be designed, one which can build a bridge between the world of art and that of care for the elderly; between social design and international finance; between free art and real estate, etcetera. There is a need to educate one another. To make a start with this, in their research Langenberg & De Beer seek out comparisons between their own art practice and the practices of behavioural therapists, popular philosophers, conjurors, transition-managers, idealistic admen, and illustrious figures such as the politician Antanas Mockus – one-time mayor of Bogota who facilitated increased traffic safety by retraining policemen as mime artists.
The apparent insolvability of many important (socio-economic) issues can be traced back to the inability (or refusal) to really change ones behaviour. Artists and social designers can be capable of reframing societal issues – on the basis of which, new perspectives for taking action arise: Artists make alternatives both visible and tangible.
Completely different types of assignment lie over the horizon, dissimilar from those which have thus far been issued in relation to art in public space. The new intermediaries can play an important role in terms of these assignments.

It's all about people…

The Rietveld Research Residency is a joint initiative of the Gerrit Rietveld Academie and the Mondriaan Fund. It offers artists the opportunity to focus on a research project. In 2012 Langenberg and De Beer were affiliated for two days a week with the Sandberg Instituut, the Rietveld Academy's institute for master programmes.


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