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Title: Koningsvoorde Museum

photos by: Sjaak Langenberg & Rosé de Beer
photomontages: Rosé de Beer

Concept commissioned by TBV wonen, Tilburg with the support of NBKS, Breda. The plan was not implemented.

TILBURG - The Guggenheim Museum has opened an annex in a sheltered housing complex in Tilburg. The museum has 148 attendants - the residents of the complex. It’s a home which doesn’t really resemble sheltered housing: the spacious hallway, the light up in the atrium, the floors where various collections are to be found, the museum restaurant, the home’s reception where you can get a reduction with your Museum season ticket...
It could really become like this. The architecture of Koningsvoorde presents great possibilities, and requires only minimal means to begin a fantastic museum. Each resident, with his or her life’s experience is a museum unto themselves. Together with Rosé de Beer, Sjaak Langenberg developed a double identity for Koningsvoorde sheltered housing complex. On the one hand it’s a museum, on the other, it remains simply a home. The house-style of the museum ensures, to a certain extent, this double identity: The museum-like allure is inherent in the building itself and only needs to be alluded to. The signposting for the museum can also simply be read as the signposting for the building; the lift functions as a time-machine – you can step out on the second floor but you can also step out into 1960; the floors become time-zones; and using simple graphic means the reception and the restaurant can be denoted as part of the museum.

© Sjaak Langenberg & Rosé de Beer